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Axioms and Maxims – for the Law of Attraction


What are Axioms? What are Maxims?


Dictionary result for ‘Axiom’

noun: axiom; plural noun: axioms
  1. a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
    the axiom that supply equals demand” or the axiom: “You get back what you put out

Dictionary result for ‘Maxim’

  1. a short, concise statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.
    “the maxim that actions speak louder than words”



1.) Thoughts cause your feelings; Your thoughts + feelings cause your reality  (READ MORE)

2.) Your feelings are senior to your thoughts.. (READ MORE)

3.) Thoughts alone don’t have enough energy to manifest, emotion must be added … (READ MORE)

4.) You are responsible for what your reality is (difficult to accept for some)…  (READ MORE)

5.) Your brain can’t tell if something is real or imaginary (powerful)..  (READ MORE)

6.) Focus on the outcome only! Not how it will happen

7.) There is a time delay for your manifestations

8.) Gratitude is the emotion to manifest quickly

9.) What you think about and ‘thank’ about, -you bring about

10.) Think ‘From’ what you want, not ‘Of’ what you want

11.) Your inner conversations create your life

12.) Your ‘Savior’ is in yourself

13.) You attract what you complain about

14.) You attract what you give thanks for

15.) You attract what you talk to yourself about (good or bad)

16.) When you say “I am” you are creating (choose your “I am’s” wisely)

17.) Pretend to be the person you want to be and you will become them

18.) Your Personality creates Your Personal Reality

19.) You have to feel it first, before it manifests

20.) If being rich will make you feel empowered, you have to feel empowered before you get the money


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