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Big Baller Lifestyle”- Daily Procedures

There are lots of things you can use this universal law for, but this site focuses mainly on 4 very specific things.





  1. Money: We are primarily about manifesting and attracting money. There have been so many people who have used the universal law and attracted everything but money. Here at ‘BBL’ we show you specifically how to attract any amount of money you want. YES, ANY AMOUNT – so long as you truly desire that amount (we will explain later)
  3. Health: For people looking to get better health, no matter how big or small the ailment may be, the process is the same. Straight from the teachings of some of the most dynamic minds on the planet, we give you the daily process to heal yourself
  5. Love: if you are ready to find that special someone, find the love of your life, a partner, or whatever the cases may be, there is a specific daily process to make that dream a reality
  7. Happiness: Above all, the reason for wanting money, Health, or love, is because we think it will make you happy. And the truth is, happiness is something you decide to have. The daily techniques to achieve happiness is here and you will have it as soon as you are ready.

What's the daily Process

What's today? Click on your day of the week and follow the instructions for that day


Tuesday? Let's make this a great Tuesday for attracting money...


No humpday here, Wednesdays will become one of your favorite days as we manifest the things we want


The weekend is almost here, time to kick these manifestations into high gear...

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