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May 12, 2021
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January 18, 2022


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How I made $15 million in less than 2 years

Want to FINALLY Become a Millionaire FAST?

Have you ever wondered how to make more money than you’ve ever imagined? Be financially independent forever? Retire, become a multimillionaire?

There is something very simple you can do, I’m going to share with you, something very simple that can change Everything that you are doing and make things happen faster than you can imagine.

Take the story of Fred, a guy who was trying to make things happen in his life.  He was a father, a husband and knew that was something more out there for him.  He saw the movie “what the bleep” and the secret and thought that there may be something to this thing call ‘the law of attraction’ which is the philosophy that our world and our personal reality is created by our thoughts and feelings.

If something good happens to us, we feel good, grateful and happy.  The law of attraction philosophizes that feeling good, grateful and happy can cause good things to happen to you.

So Fred set off on this journey to change his life using his thoughts and feeling and to his surprise, it worked! – But only for a little while.

You see what Fred didn’t know at the time was that the law of attraction requires you to believe in something you don’t have yet.
To feel something that may not exist.  You may feel it for a few minutes but reality will kick in as soon as you open your eyes.  So how do you fix that?


What Fred to become a millionaire fast and made him $15 Million in 2 years .

After struggling with trying to manifest money through the law of attraction, something big happened.  He was listening to affirmations on youtube while he worked on his computer, and he heard something.

the Affirmations went “I am rich”, “I am happy”,  “I am wealthy”,  “I am in the Book of Millionaires”

“I am in the Book of Millionaires?”  he asked.  “What is the Book of Millionaires?”  He did a quick google search and his life changed.

You see the Book of Millionaires was the missing piece to the puzzle.  The Book of Millionaires is the ultimate, real life affirmation that has changed the life of millions of people.

The Book of Millionaires is the physical version of visualization.   It’s like the ultimate placebo for getting wealthy.   Remember, everything you attract especially money begins with your thoughts about money.  And the biggest trap for attracting money is the fact that it’s not what you say.. its what you feel and what you believe.

If you believe you don’t have enough money because your reality shows you, you are broke, then there is no way you will attract money, no matter how many times you affirm or write it.

You need to believe in it, it must be real, before it ever becomes real.

So what Fred after finding the Book and finding out that you can register for it, the game changed.

Why? Because now the affirmations were finally real!  I am in the Book of Millionaires was not pie in the sky.  It was not a fake affirmation that was not real and not believed.

I am in the Book of Millionaires was now an anchor in reality.

He said that affirmation over and over, he wrote it down, he fell asleep dreaming about and being happy that he was now in the Book of Millionaires.

The confidence alone changed the feeling, and that alone attracted the reality.

Opportunities began to knock like never before,  he was now attracting, money, people and circumstances that he never had before.

Things were moving faster and faster,  it was incredible.  His family was in awe.  They knew he had tried for years, unsuccessfully to get something, anything, that would stick.

And seemingly, overnight, it happened.  More impressive with WHAT happened, was the speed in which it happened.

He added his name to the Book of Millionaires in January of 2020.  By December 2020 he made over $1.7 million. But by December 2021, he had made over $15 million.

The one thing he was missing was the real life anchor.

Become a Millionaire fast The Book of Millionaires


There are literally Millions of ways to make money” Fred said, “and when you have the belief that it is happening and you are unburdened by doubt and uncertainty that you are doing it right, you are free to create and that is exactly what happened.  The friends and business partners I met over the last 2 years have been incredible.  Something so simple, yet so powerful.  All of my friends have joined the Book of Millionaires.

In fact, I won’t do business with anyone who is not in the Book of Millionaires because I know they won’t be at their full potential if they are not.”


If you have been trying a lot of different avenues and getting very close but can’t get over the hump, Big Baller Lifestyle highly recommends the Book of Millionaires,  we are all in on it and are now officially a part of it.




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