Neville Goddard says ‘Imagination’ is the ‘power of God in man’.

When you hear about the power of God in man, it is directly speaking about man’s imagination.
It gives you the power to create anything.


Listen to the Neville Goddard video below, EXTREMELY POWERFUL.
Recommended to listen to at least once per week


Learn how to use the power of your imagination for wealth instead of for fear and sadness. So many people use this, everyday, but use it the wrong way.


“Your imagination is your REAL self”

-Neville Goddard


Do this before you go to bed every night and you will realize your desired state.

Just remember, this is not simply a day dream that you see in your mind’s eye.

You must enter the dream as if you were actually there.
You must make ‘then’ in to ‘now’
It never fails and will work for you, as long as you stick with it consistently,
it may take a few days of doing it every night, it could take a month or longer.
One thing is for sure.
If you do it and really feel yourself there and feel gratitude for having it, your brain will be rewired to look like the event is real and has in fact already occured.

And that is when the magic happens

Before Bed

Manifest Money

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