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November 4, 2019
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Is the Book of Millionaires real or a scam?

Review: Is the Book of Millionaires real or a scam?


You’ve probably seen the Book of Millionaires online if you are an entrepreneur or someone who is trying to make money other than a job.

Their social media is new round the internet  Pinterest, Google, Facebook and Instagram are only a few months old, but they have a lot of buzz around them.

They claim to be a mysterious book (a ledger actually) that every millionaire past and present is listed in we will discuss is that is true in a second.

The site is also invite only but will soon be open for anyone to find even though it says it will continue to be invite only.   Strange considering that anyone online can find it, how is it invite only? ?


Another claim is that wealthy people throughout history have listed their children in at birth or as birthday and Christmas gifts to help them secure the energy or frequency of being a millionaire from a young age.

We were invited and we joined.

There is a fee to join!

They claim that offline, it costs $15,000 to join and have your name added in ‘The Book of Millionaires’, well thank god that that wasn’t the online fee as it was only $99 for us so we took the chance to peep behind the curtain.  To bring you this review.

the book of millionaires

So is the Book of Millionaires a scam?

Before we give our official assessment, let me explain what you get after you log order.

You get an email welcoming you to the Book of Millionaires, first.

This email is followed by the daily affirmations guide which is supposedly exclusive to the Book of Millionaires’ members.

Next you receive a email with login info to the bonus members area.


Now keep in mind.  The fee is to be listed in the Book ONLY.

You are paying to have your name listed in the Book of Millionaires.  You are supposedly listed with the most successful people on the planet. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and all of the millionaire business people, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc.

That is all your fee is for.  The members area is just a bonus that comes along with the registration.the Book of Millionaires waxseal logo


So now, what’s in the Book of Millionaires Members area (or the ‘Millionaires Area’ as its called):

You get a complete secondary version of the ‘Day One Millionaire’ System.  I say secondary version, because although it’s pretty close to the full version, it’s a version from the partnership with the Book of Millionaires.

The Day One Millionaires system is between $47 and $97 depending on the extras you opt for so you really do get something of value other than just adding your name to the ledger.

The other thing that we found is a complete manifestation guide on a 90 day routine to make you a “Master Manifestor”.  Now I will say this, as a student of the law of attraction,  There were techniques here that I have personally never seen and I have to admit I was intrigued.

I put some of these to the test (with small things) and they did manifest.  Im very serious.   For instance, what I mean about small things was finding keys,  manifesting a random text from someone, and getting good news.

These are some of the techniques that you learn early on from day 1 (hence the Day One Millionaire System) and they actually did manifest for me personally.

So a system and method I had not previously used, actually caused manifestations to happen almost immediately and this is a 90 day method of which I am on day 7 currently.

I will admit right now, even though I have not finished th 90 days, my confidence that things will manifest has increased maybe 20 fold.


Now for the Pros and Cons of the Book of Millionaires

So the Cons.

  • There is a fee just to register your name in the book.  At the time of writing this piece the fee is only $11 (although we paid $99).


  • You don’t actually SEE your name in the book.  (they don’t display the names of all members which makes sense for privacy reasons, but you do get confirmation that you have been added to the Book of Millionaires and you can even receive a certificate to hang in your office if you want but that is an extra fee.


  • You will need to buy a notebook or two for the exercises.  I would have loved to have been able to type the exercises out, but I do acknowledge that the exercise work better when you hand write them out.


  • No video – most of the material are for reading and not many videos but the material is short so its not too bad.


So the Pros.

  • The information you get is unlike anything else online, youtube, blogs, etc.  The compilation and the tools for this 90 day transformation is unmatched.


  • You are in the Book for life.  There is no month fee (at least not yet) so it’s perfect that you get lifetime access.  Even if you register now, you will be able to comeback 5 years from now and still log in and start your 90 days.


  • Collective energy. That is a term used where they have all BOM members visualize all at the same time, strengthening the affirmations.  So you do get a very good sense of community within the Book of Millionaires members.


  • The techniques really do work (or at least the ones we’ve tried worked).


  • You get a top law of attraction course at no extra cost.  The idea behind this one is that there are people who will now have the energy and frequency on their side and can now make money and benefit from the techniques taught to attract money.


  • All the resources you need at the push of a button – So lets say you are having a bad day, nothing seems to be going right.  You can go to the “bad day” section to help you get back on track.  If there is a sudden crisis in you home or something you have to deal with, you can go to sections and run the techniques, it really is good.


Summary of the Book of Millionaires

Overall, I must say the Book of Millionaires, is something I’d rather have and be apart of than not have.  When you pull the covers back, you really do realize that there is something more to this reality than we just see with our eyes, or touch with our fingers.  There is a lot going on in the ‘spiritual universe, subatomic universe,  and the area of thought that we simply DO NOT fully understand, but we do understand enough to know that energy is everything, and if you have the right energy, the right frequency, everything can change For the better and lucky and fortunate things start to happen.

So having the energy shared with you in one common place and the energy of success surrounding you can have nothing but positive effects.  It could very well mean the difference between getting that lucky break you need and not.  Maybe the difference between getting that connection you need for the investment or not.  It could mean buying that winning ticket or not.  ENERGY IS REAL AND IT COMES IN GOOD AND BAD.
I highly recommend if you are invited, join fast and make the connections that you need.

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