The first thing you want to do Monday morning on Baller 9 status is to give thanks for at least 5 things (but up to 10).

You want to feel the thing as if you have already received.
These are just examples.

I give thanks for love I am receiving from family and friends.
I think of family and friends close to me and I thank the universe for all their love and I feel how lucky I am, that I have this

(Remember your brain is either a record of the past or it can be a map to the future).

So it’s important to do this as if you are programming your brain to feel as though the event is already occurring regardless if it is or not

Habits –
Assign yourself 3 new habits that can be done every monday .
This helps you get into the frequency of Baller 9.

For instance, when I was on Baller 9, I thought about what the version of me that was making $20,000 per month would do every morning.

I saw that, that version of me would give thanks for 3 things before I got out of bed.
Regardless if I had to really pee or not, I wouldn’t get out of be unless I said “thank you” for at least 3 things.

The next thing the Baller 9 version of me would do would be to splash cold water on my face. I got this from ‘Ed Mylette’ and since the version of me that was making the kind of money I want did this, I began to do it, to let the universe know that I was on the frequency of Baller 9, therefore the universe could begin sending me the money of the Baller 9 status.




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