April 13, 2019
April 13, 2019



Saturdays: what to do every, single Saturday to attract money, health and love into your life.

Check this page every Saturday while still in bed.
Before you get on facebook, or twitter or any other social media.

Remember, you have to Break the habit of being yourself if you want to go to the next level

Today’s different thought will be to give thanks for ‘2 – 5 family members’. Feel thanks and gratitude for at least 2 (but no more than 5) specific members members of your family, feel their love towards you and feel them being happy and successful- use different Family members every week
Calling for the success of others will turbocharge the receiving of your own wants and desires.

Before you get out of bed

big baller before you wake
  1. Think of the house you want, feel you are already there, feel it for 17 seconds minimum- – Give thanks for it already happening, NOW
  2. Think of the car or cars you want, feel yourself sitting in the seats, holding the steering wheel touching the radio and control console – – Give thanks for it already happening, NOW
  3. Think of the success you want your business to have, or how much money you want make at work. Feel it for 17 secs — Give thanks for it already happening, NOW
  4. Think of all the love and friendships you want to have, feel it as if it it already happening now. Feel good now- Give thanks for it happening, NOW
  5. Feel your body in the condition you want, think of your perfect weight, muscle size, leg size, arm size, whatever you want to acheive. Think of your heartbeat transfering new blood into your viens, new cells being created every second, building your body stronger and to a perfect state. — Give thanks for perfect health and perfect body, NOW

Pay Your Success Tax

Your success tax is what you plan on exchanging to the universe for the success you want to experience or the reality you want to see.
The habits that you create and do without exception that link you to the version of yourself that already has what you want.

Ask yourself: what does that version of me (that already is living the life I want) do differently than me now?
What does he/she do in the mornings?
how do they feel?
What daily routines does that version have.

Once you have answered that question, that is your success tax.
If it is waking up at 6am and meditating, that is what you do.

Whatever it is, you do it and do it daily. If you do the things that the version of you that you want to become does, you will be on the same frequency as that version of you, and you will walk right into that reality.

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