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January 18, 2022

The Book of Millionaires? What is it?

What is the Book of MILLIONAIRES ?


If you have read the book ‘the Secret’ then the Book of Millionaires is essentially the next step.

Think of the Secret as knowledge, introductory knowledge.   The Book of Millionaires is the actually physical manifestation of the knowledge representation

Don’t be fooled by the name.  The Book of Millionaires offers much, much more than helping you become a millionaire.  The Book of Millionaires is ultimately about HAPPINESS.
And happiness entails more than money.  It’s Love, Relationships, Family Relationships, Health, Healing, Harmony, Courage, Strength, Confidence, Success, Abundance, Change, am more.

The Book of Millionaires is simply, the physical worlds acknowledgement of your visualization.

You have have it in the vortex,  you have have it in the unseen, you can have it in your mind,  you can have it spiritually…

But the only issue is that, you need an anchor in the world of the seen,  the world we call reality that we all live in.

That is what the Book of Millionaires is.

the Book of Millionaires.

What is the process for the Book of MILLIONAIRES?

The process for the book of Millionaires is very simple.
You just register, that’s it!

For a long time, this was done offline and you had to know someone who knows someone to add your name to the Book.
But now, it is online and you can add your name to it and reap all of the benefits of actually writing your name.

Infact, it may be a little more powerful online as your name is not only added to the physical Book, but now you exist in cyberspace as well and for all eternity.

If You would like to become a part of the Book of Millionaires inductees, then you may register your name.

There are millions of people who have registered their name in the Book of Millionaires.  Some of the most famous millionaires of all time, got there after entering their name in the Book.

Every Millionaire (Billionaire) are listed in the Book either registered.  Either they registered personally or by default, but they all get registered and they all draw energy from the Book.

the book of Millionaires Law of Attraction

So when was the Book of Millionaires Created?

Alot of people think the Book of Millionaires is based off of the book “the Secret”

Actually, it was created after the books that ‘the Secret’ is said to be based on :

The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

Feeling is the Secret” by Neville Goddard


These books, in particular, ‘the Science of Getting Rich’ inspired the Council of the Book of Millionaires to create a list, a ledger if you will, a quantum place where people could add their names to declare their intention for getting rich.  So after the Science of Getting Rich was released, the people who became rich started adding their names in a Book, a book to affirm they were Millionaires.

But now for the first time, the Book is online. Then people whose intention was to get rich had such great results adding their names to the Book, that it became a sought after gem for becoming rich.

Adding your name to the Book of Millionaires is highly recommended if you are looking to get rich.


See if you meet the requirements, if you do, Join the Book of Millionaires


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