April 13, 2019
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May 12, 2021

a Charity Shop a Scam?

You’ve probably seen A Charity Shop around the internet and on social media like Pinterest, Google, Facebook and others, but what is it?

This site claims to be a giant shop that sends money to any charity that you want or to the charity of the month.. but is it real?

Well we went in and spent some money on aCharityShop and we wanted to see just how good this worked for supporting my charity.

First off, the prices were amazing and too good to be true.  I also saw that they have some items ship from China so that makes it pretty obvious why the prices are cheap.


I saw some nikes on there that I have been wanting for awhile so I ordered them.  Now if you’ve ordered from sites like ‘Wish’ or ‘Alibaba’ you know that the items are not real and they can take a month or two for your item to arrive.

BUT,  I must say…

… the shoes were not only perfect, but they arrived in only 8 days.

Now I inspected these shoes up and down and the only conclusion that I can come to is that these shoes are 100% real and authentic.

I sent them an email to see what charity my purchased benefited, and not only did they have the charity, I checked with them and they included my name in the donation.

Now I have to admit, I didnt want to like this company and was looking for anything to be wrong with it.  But I was so surprised and so happy with my purchase and experience that I am officially endorsing this site and have spent about $1,000 over the last month.

Highly Recommended


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